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European radical left say No to War on Syria

French Communists

…Bombing with chemical weapons, whose responsibility is attributed to the regime of Bashar Al Assad, is a specific and particularly horrendous criminal step. Light still needs to be shed on these bombings … But the United States, which has already trained nearly three hundred commandos for the Free Syrian Army during the last few weeks has now strengthened their fleet of armed warfare cruise missiles in the Mediterranean.

The Syrian crisis has become in fact an international geo-political crisis. The result of this confrontation is appalling: about 100,000 dead, millions of refugees, including one million children, a devastated country, cities being destroyed, a society pulverized by violence and internal clashes directly supported by the state and various political actors in the region. We must stop it! The clashes have already crossed the threshold of inhumanity with rarely equalled abuses of savagery, as is the case of the civilians slaughtered by Salafist groups in the opposition.

Today, a military intervention by Washington and its allies would represent a further and unacceptable step in this endless escalation. To bomb Syria would add war to war. With rarely equaled risks of a conflagration in the Middle East, including an explosion in Lebanon where the attacks, retaliation and vengeance
follow one after another.

Laurent Fabius, who seeks to make France “a landmark power”, yesterday called for a reaction force. He said today that the solution “remains political” … France must now speak clearly and take a strong initiative.

The French Communist Party calls on the French authorities to take the initiative for a summit of the belligerent forces and the major powers involved, the United States and Russia of course, but also Turkey and Iran, to define conditions for stopping the escalation of the military confrontation, and a democratic
transition in Syria. We must take the spirit and ambition of the second Geneva conference that should have set the course of such a solution months ago. It also requires the commitment of the Secretary General of the UN so that the demand for a political solution prevails over the threats to international security.

Each must now seriously weigh the responsibility he must take. It is urgent.


Communist Refoundation, Italy (Paolo Ferrero, national secretary)

No to war in Syria: we do not tire of repeating our opposition to any Western military intervention in Syria. The humanitarian reasons put forward by the United States are pure cover for US and Western geopolitical interests: The script is identical to what we have seen in Libya and the result can only be a worsening humanitarian situation. No war, no ifs, and no buts. ”


Greek Communists (KKE)

The Greek people must think hard and reject the well-known dangerous tactic of the imperialists which are organizing and utilizing a propagandistic and misleading campaign in order to incriminate the Syrian government regarding the use of chemical weapons, in order to justify a military assault against Syria.

The USA, France, Great Britain, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which support the so-called anti-regime forces, are playing a leading role in this campaign and without proof. I.e. The forces that are intervening in the internal affairs of Syria at the side of the armed anti-regime forces, every kind of mercenary, which they are supplying with arms in order to promote their strategic plans in the region, are playing the leading role.

The people well remember that the same or similar imperialist pretexts were used to justify the wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

A few months ago there was reliable evidence that chemical weapons were used in Syria with the responsibility of the so-called anti-regime groups, but this fact was deliberately concealed.

The KKE denounces the external intervention in the internal affairs of Syria and other states of the region, it denounces the preparation of a new imperialist war and calls on our people to demand that the government does not involve our country in these murderous plans.

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