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The great private pensions fraud

Fresh from implementing reforms of its pension system Mariano Rajoy’s Spain is now preaching the merits of its pro-market policies to the rest of Europe, backed by the Troika. But state pension cuts and the virtues of private insurance-based schemes are built on myths that serve financial capital, argues Vicenç Navarro There’s been a constant onslaught by banks and … Continue reading

Fast Facts: Gender Social Inequality and Austerity in Europe

Europe’s austerity fetish and longer term neo-liberal reforms promoted by Big Business, Governments and the EU Commission hurt women disproportionately. Here’s a few facts to illustrate the point.   Europe wide  The gender pay gap is around 16% It ranges from more than a quarter (27%) in Estonia to around a fiftieth (2%) in Slovenia. … Continue reading

Employers call for ‘tax haven’ in France

By Patrick Apel-Muller The new head of the French Employers Association MEDEF, Pierre Gattaz, considers himself to have the ear of power, so much as to say aloud what employers want in France: ‘A tax haven’. He did not mean by this one of those tiny states which are used to launder money from corporations … Continue reading

Everything you wanted to know…about Austerity in the EU

Poverty, unemployment, wages, the economy, public services, tax dodging, wealth and gender inequality – check out the latest facts and figures in the Europe of the bankers and austerity. http://wp.me/P1bMfw-oA

An age old problem

Forget ageing – capital’s class war against labour is behind the crisis in pensions and welfare worldwide, says Vincent Navarro Thomas Malthus was an economist who believed that the resources of the planet were limited, fixed and constant. Hence he believed that the growth of the population would reach a level that there would not … Continue reading

France: Gold-plated pensions for the bosses, rigour for the 99%

How French bosses want sacrifices from pensioners, but more for themselves. My piece in Liberal Conspiracy Blog http://liberalconspiracy.org/2013/01/19/how-french-bosses-want-sacrifices-from-pensioners-but-more-for-themselves/

14N: the first international strike of the 21st century

If any call for general strike deserves special attention because of its importance and political impact, the one that will be held tomorrow, November 14, is even more special: it is the first international strike of the century, says Nacho Alvarez Tomorrow Europe will hold a European Day of Action and Solidarity for jobs and against … Continue reading

Italy’s agricultural workers join rebellion against Monti’s reforms

Over 100,000 agricultural workers went on strike for 8 hours across Italy on Friday over the loss of welfare and pension rights resulting from the reforms of the unelected government of Mario Monti. Already 90% of agricultural workers are on fixed term contracts with low wages and the government’s measures will lead to further casualisation … Continue reading

Reforms leaving hundreds of thousands of Italians without pay or pensions spark protest

Rome saw fresh protests today (Friday 13 April) as unions called a demonstration against recent labour reforms imposed by the Italian government that have left hundreds of thousands of workers without pay or a pension. The reforms imposed a rise in the minimum retirement age that has seen ‘younger’ Italian pensioners without an income. These … Continue reading

While nation states and workers burn, the banks get a trillion euros

Belgian unions have criticised a fresh round of austerity measures announced over the weekend by the federal government as a missed opportunity for ‘tax justice’. The government already plans as part of a €11.3 billion cuts package  agreed when the current administration took office at the end of 2011 to increase the retirement age from … Continue reading

Commission’s pensions proposals mean working longer, for less – European Left

European Left on the European Commission’s regressive pensions proposals and how they will hit women hard. Video

2011 – That was the year that was

A video selection of protest in 2011 across the Continent, involving workers from the public sector and private sector, trade unionists, students, pensioners, anti-fascists, immigrants, men and women, mothers, fathers, feminists, indignados, from Belgium, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain. Strikes, marches, stunts and other forms of protests against austerity, wage freezes, pension cuts, racism, sexism, the banks, the richest and goverrnments … Continue reading

How about an alternative budget, Mr Monti?

Italian unions took strike action today against Mario Monti’s draconian austerity budget. Here’s an alternative that the CGIL, the country’s largest trade union confederation, asked the prime minister to consider in talks on Sunday,  but was rebuffed. The austerity budget of the new unelected government of Mario Monti includes Euros 20 billion in spending cuts. … Continue reading

Austerity Italy: Monti worse than Berlusconi say communists

“Monti’s polices will bring Italy to default. This budget is worse that one that Berlusconi would have presented,” said Paolo Ferrero, leader of Communist Refoundation at the conclusion of the party’s congress in Naples yesterday. The budget package presented by Italy’s pm Mario Monti is a “hammer blow” for Italians, it is “recessive and doesn’t … Continue reading

Monti’s attack on the Italian pension system is class war

Over the weekend a package of austerity measures were announced by Italian premier Mario Monti to reassure financial markets that have been betting on Italy defaulting. Cuts to pensions featured large – raising the retirement age, eventually up to 70,  extending the minimum 40 year contribution period and ending cost of living indexation, for those … Continue reading

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