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How the public sector is the answer to Italy’s economic crisis and army of graduate unemployed

What would happen to Italy if you decided to recruit eight hundred thousand to one million young and qualified people into public service, asks Maria Luisa Bianco An economy cannot function well without a State that functions well. Since the recovery of the country requires a boost in the efficiency of the public administration, the failure of … Continue reading

Abolish the EU and fight for another Europe, says feminists

Feminists from France, Italy and Sweden have launched a call for the abolition of the EU and the creation of ‘another Europe’ ahead of European elections next month. In a statement, Feminists Initiative of Sweden, a feminist electoral list in France and Italian women candidates joining a radical left ticket backing Greek opposition leader Alexis Tspiras for … Continue reading

550 days, 29 Workers, Zero Job Losses

The story of how a few determined Italian women stopped their factory closing and protected their livelihoods has become the subject a powerful film. “My name is Rose Giancola, I am a worker at Tacconi Sud and this is the second night of the occupation of the factory.” Thus begins the documentary, ‘Atlantis’* directed and … Continue reading

They want us poor, silenced and straight

Spain’s government wants to impose a model of society, not only at the service of capital, but sexist and homophobic to boot, argues Esther Vivas The governing Popular Party (PP) is on a crusade – not only against fundamental rights such as health, education, housing, work, but also against sexual and reproductive freedoms. The PP … Continue reading

Why French Women Marched this weekend in Paris

French women marched en masse in Paris and other French cities this weekend to protest against austerity. Below is a statement from the organisers Women standing against austerity: we refuse to carry the can! Feminists of the Front de Gauche ( Left Front ) are organising, for all women who reject austerity policies, a march … Continue reading

Italians say ‘enough’ in mass protest against new government

“Enough. We can not wait any longer.” This was slogan behind which tens of thousands of workers, students, pensioners and radical left activists were marching in Rome Saturday in the first major protest against Italy’s new centre-left-right government. Led by metalworkers’ union Fiom, thousands of people marched to the beat of drums and whistles in … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher: the architect of Europe’s crisis

Thatcher introduced to Europe the economic and political model that is now destroying it. Here’s some dedications from critics (from the European mainland) of the late British prime minister, who has received such lavish, and unwarranted praise, in recent days.  French Communist Party: For some she put an end to the “monopoly” of the unions, she … Continue reading

Everything you wanted to know…about Austerity in the EU

Poverty, unemployment, wages, the economy, public services, tax dodging, wealth and gender inequality – check out the latest facts and figures in the Europe of the bankers and austerity. http://wp.me/P1bMfw-oA

How Austerity is Hurting Women in Europe – In Numbers

Women are disproportionally affected by austerity cuts because they are society’s main carers, and the main users of public services and welfare recipients, where there have been heavy reductions in budgets; they predominate in low paid, insecure employment, which is expanding, facilitated by labour counter-reforms; because they are heavily employed in the public sector where … Continue reading

Why Belgian feminists say No! to Permanent Austerity

Belgian feminists have called on MPs to reject ratification of new budgetary rules that will ‘aggravate inequalities between the sexes’. Belgium is due to decide on whether to sign up to the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (TSCG), or EU fiscal compact, that came into force on 1 January this year in  12 out of … Continue reading

Let’s bang our fist on the table

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / AVANTE The Government has launched a campaign against domestic violence under the slogan ‘Defend yourself, bang a fist on the table.’ The campaign is sensitive and well made, broadcast on television, the radio and appearing on Facebook. The central message is that victims of violence should ‘bang a fist on the … Continue reading

Austerity is lethal for women

The economic crisis and policies of spending cuts and reductions in social services are undermining efforts to tackle gender violence in Europe and may be contributing to it. In Spain, 43 women have died at the hands of their partners or former partners so far in 2012, and 600 since official figures have been collected … Continue reading

Why Spain’s feminists will be joining the Europe-wide protests

Spain’s Marea Violeta, or Purple Tide of feminists will be joining Wednesday’s general strike and European protests against austerity to express their opposition to cuts hitting women. The right wing administration of Mariano Rajoy has axed 24% off the budget promoting policies for equality, triple the average cuts to government departments. It has also reduced … Continue reading

The impact of austerity measures on women in Europe

Debt, a Trojan horse for an unprecedented social war against the peoples of Europe, is not neutral from the point of view of gender. The austerity measures imposed in its name are gender-determined, both in their characteristics and their effects, explains Christine Vanden Daelen. Read the article on the Committee for the Abolition of Third World … Continue reading

A Week in Revolting Europe

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Anti-social Europe in numbers


Key facts and figures on wages across the EU

Wealth Inequality in Europe

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A different take on European issues

Italy’s Healthcare Crisis

Health services are ‘close to collapse’ in Rome, Turin and Naples after years of cuts and privatisation.

550 days, 29 Workers, Zero Job Losses

How a few determined Italian women stopped their factory closing and protected their livelihoods

Filthy Rich

France's Bernard Arnault of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) empire is worth $41 billion. Check out Europe's rich list


Private banks receive half-trillion-euro gift from ECB


Workers and citizens stand up for themselves


Workers are on a go-slow over privatisation

Popular resistance delivers results

Lessons from the victory against Madrid privatisation plan


Hundreds of workers occupied the factory of ArcelorMittal in Florange in the north of France

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in Italy the home is a very dangerous place to be


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