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Party of European Left on how to tackle the crisis – statement

To face up the financial markets and emerge from the crisis, unite the Left, strengthen the struggles and recover power to the peoples, the Party of the European Left says. More

More pain in Spain

Yet another European government has been claimed by the bankers’ crisis on the continent. This time it was the turn of Spanish prime minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s Socialists. The landslide victory of the Popular Party was widely predicted in polls – as was the devastating defeat of the Socialists. The Socialists’ 110 seats was their … Continue reading

Spanish elections – not just a two horse race

It’s been widely seen as a two-horse race between the incumbent Socialists and main opposition Popular Party, but Spain’s parliamentary election on Sunday will likely see a strong showing for the communist-led United Left. Despite promising the same failed austerity medicine pursued by the Social government over the past 18 months, the right wing Popular … Continue reading

Monti Government: Different Style, Same Content (Italy Radical Press Review)

The Italian newspapers today were focused on the speech yesterday by new Italian PM to the Senate, Mario Monti, the upper house of parliament. Here’s a flavour of reactions from the radical press: Liberazione Editorial by Paolo Ferrero, Communist Refoundation “The programme presented to parliament is completely neo-liberal…It is the implementation, radicalised by European demands, … Continue reading

Italian protest against “Social Butchery”

Tomorrow Italy’s streets are expected to swell with protests at the Italian Government’s austerity measures. The general strike, called by the CGIL, the country’s largest trade union central, comes amid growing political instability in Rome. The Governing coalition is badly split over plans to cut the budget deficit and premier Silvio Berlusconi himself is mired … Continue reading

Spain’s ‘neo-liberal coup d’etat’

 Spain’s lower parliament has passed draconian legislation enforcing a “balanced budget”. The law, proposed by the governing Socialists and supported by the right-wing opposition Popular Party, is now expected to be passed without delay in the Senate. The law calls for a balanced long-term budget to be enshrined in Spain’s constitution, allowing for the deficit … Continue reading

Spanish artists and intellectuals call for “reconstruction of the Left”

Film-maker Pedro Almodóvar and a number of other leading Spanish artists and intellectuals who were once supporters of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s governing socialists have signed a manifesto calling for the “reconstruction of the Left.”. The manifesto, also signed by radical journalist Ignacio Ramonet, says: “The discrediting of politics, the repeated complaints about corruption of … Continue reading

Italians say No! to Privatisation

By Tom Gill Water privatisation has been imposed on people across the globe, from Armenia to the UK. It has been hugely unpopular but people have rarely been asked whether they want their water – a common good for all – to be used to profit a few. Italian citizens have had just such an … Continue reading

“A peaceful rebellion that has identified the oppressors”

By Tom Gill Spaniards face a deepening of anti-working class policies following the historic defeat of the ruling Socialists – unless the May 15 protests that have erupted across the country can help build a progressive majority for an alternative. The local and regional elections results were the worse for the socialists since the return … Continue reading

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