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We hold the keys to the future – Mélenchon on first round Presidential election results

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Presidential Candidate, Left Front, Sunday, April 22, Place Stalingrad

…The initial results allow us to draw some lessons

The first lesson is that our people seem determined to turn the page of the ‘Sarkozy years’

The total vote of the Right is lower than 2007.

But the far right is at a high level, so we have been right to focus our campaign on an analysis and radical critique of the proposals of the extreme right.

We were right to do so, and if we had not done so, perhaps the result tonight would have been even more alarming….

So it’s time for me to say how we felt alone at times in this battle: one candidate imitated me the other  ignored me.

We shouldered most of the fight. Shame on those who chose to shoot at us rather than help us! Remember forever the names of those who refused this fight, or worse, who preferred to relay the slanderous and anti-communist arguments of the extreme right against us.

At this time, it is the score of the Left Front that holds the key to the outcome.

So it is you all – and not me, of course – who have to decide because, in truth, we were the new political force, the only one that broke through and which  was born in this election. It is us, therefore, who are the key to the result.

I call on you in conscience to fully assume this responsibility without worrying about comments, impressions and petty calculations. And I say very clearly at this time, in conscience, there is nothing to negotiate! Our commitment does not need any permission or any coaxing to be deployed in full force.

I call on you to mobilize around this appointment that has been given to you.

On May 1, behind our unions, with the working class in the struggle, our camp, our political family: the world of work and its claims! I invite you to come back on May 6 – without asking anything in return! – May 6, to beat Sarkozy!

I ask you not to drag your feet, I ask you to mobilize as if it were for me to win the presidential election.

Ask for nothing in return, just the act of your consciousness! Why?

The battle we are fighting is not a personal battle, nor a battle in one country: it is to turn the table to reverse the trend in Europe that keeps peoples under the yoke of the Sarkozy -Merkel axis. We must break with this in France!

So that’s what we are going to do! And because we’re going to do this, then it must be clear, clean and flawless as it is we who make the decisions now, on the Left, and in the country!

Let us rise up to the height of the power that was given to us by our gathering together.

Let us continue quietly on our path, because I tell you, inevitably, history comes to us and we will to her. Inevitably, the solutions we have defended, and especially those of sharing wealth and regime change will be put on the agenda as a result of the shocks that lie ahead.

Whatever president is to be elected, finance is already determined to attack the French people. And then, whoever is in charge, he will have no choice but to submit or resist: and for he who resists, there is a force – ours!

Keep in your heart the feeling of work well done. Never forget the images of the strength of your gathering together. Never scatter or disperse.

We were at the forefront for a time: the next time will be that of the final conquest of power through elections and democracy.

Long live the Republic, long live the working class, Vive la France!

Translation by Revolting Europe

Original text

What the French Young Communists say


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