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The real causes of austerity

By Vincente Navarro The measures being taken to streamline the financial system in the European Union are not resolving the  Great Recession in the European Union. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Spanish economy will decline by 1.5% of GDP, Italy by 2.3%, Portugal by 3%, Greece by 5.2%, the UK by 0.6%, … Continue reading

For Italy’s One-Percent, La Dolce Vita Rolls On…

The rich don’t pay taxes. Everybody knows that. Especially in Italy, where governments have stayed firmly on the side of the 1%.  In the Republic of Yachts (Counterpunch)

What rise will Germany’s workers get? Not 8.7%. That’s for CEOs

Friday is supposed to be crunch day in talks between unions and employers over public sector pay. Verdi, one of the largest trade unions in Germany, earlier this month rejected an offer of a 3.3% pay rise staggered over two years for around two million public sector workers. Its claim was for a 6.5% pay … Continue reading

Golden goodbyes for bosses as workers fast tracked to dole

Labour reforms make firing Spanish workers cheap. But it’s still a golden hand-shake for their bosses. It’s yet another case of one rule for the many and another for the lucky few. Spain’s right-wing government recently passed changes to labour laws that will make it much easier and cheaper for bosses to fire their workers. The … Continue reading

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