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The salariat is the revolutionary class in the making

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / L’HUMANITE Hike pay roll taxes and and a wage for life for all. Radical ideas to take French society beyond capitalism. Interview with Bernard Frio, communist sociologist and labour market expert With over 10% unemployment in France, a labour market in crisis, you are advocating a ‘salaried wage revolution’, even … Continue reading

Just why is Peugeot Citroën closing Aulnay-sous-Bois?

PSA Peugeot Citroen boss Philippe Varin is not a popular man. His decision to cut 8,000 jobs and close a factory in France has rightly provoked shock and outrage in France. The “restructuring” plan involves the closure of and loss of 3,000 posts at the PSA factory and production line at Aulnay-sous-Bois in the Paris … Continue reading

Workers turn up the heat on Carrefour’s ‘voracious shareholders’

Carrefour workers invited themselves to the annual shareholders meeting of the French multinational retailer Monday to protest at the ‘progressive dismantling of the group for the profit of shareholders.’ Around 100 or so workers organised by the CGT trade union turned up outside the meeting in Paris dressed in red tops sporting the message: ‘Stop … Continue reading

Sarkozy greets picnicking workers with tear gas

Two hundred workers from ArcelorMittal’s Florange steel plant in France’s Lorraine region had planned a mass picnic Thursday morning in front of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign HQ in Paris’ 15th arrondissement. But they were welcomed with tear gas by 200 police officers, who immediately removed them. ‘The people’s candidate welcomed the people with tear gas,’ a worker joked, referring to Sarkozy’s latest … Continue reading

Sarkozy and the Great Hold-Up

Sarkozy’s plans to privatise social security: analysis by communist newspaper l’Humanité. More 

French union mounts campaign over manufacturing meltdown

France’s manufacturing industry is going into meltdown. Over the past five years 300,000 jobs have been lost, production has fallen below the level in 1997 and the sector has a commercial deficit of Euros 50 billion, compared to Euros 150 billion surplus in Germany. Manufacturing now represents just 10% of the economy, with employment in … Continue reading

France: from economic to social crisis

The number of jobless people in France hit a 12-year high in November in the latest sign that austerity measures taken by President Sarkozy and by major trading partners are beginning to really hurt in the Eurozone’s second largest economy. Labour ministry data showed that the number of registered jobseekers in mainland France rose by … Continue reading

EU deal designed to profit speculators, says France’s CGT union

Last night’s agreement on the future of the EU reached by EU heads of state for a new “fiscal compact for Europe”, is a charter for speculators, according to Bernard Thibault, general secretary of France’s CGT trade union confederation. “This is an agreement for more social austerity in Europe in response to the demands of the … Continue reading

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