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Fighting a roll back of democratic principles and values in Europe

The anti-communist and anti-democratic offensive in Europe must be immediately stopped, says the Party of the European Left  More

Party of European Left on how to tackle the crisis – statement

To face up the financial markets and emerge from the crisis, unite the Left, strengthen the struggles and recover power to the peoples, the Party of the European Left says. More

Less “Merkozy”, more social and democratic Europe! says European Left

Resolution of the Council of chairpersons of the Party of the European Left (EL) on tackling the European Economic and Financial Crisis The European summit of the 8-9 December 2011 marks a very dangerous turning point for the future of Europe. Entering into an agreement on the protection of the European Central Bank independence and … Continue reading

Workers should resist a new European Treaty say French, German radical left

Common Declaration of Jean-Luc Mélenchon – candidat of France’s Left Front (Front de Gauche) for the French Presidential Election 2012 – and Oskar Lafontaine – founding member of Germany’s Left Party (Die Linke) and former German MP, Chancellor in Strasbourg (14.12.2011). Address to European Workers The current leaders of the European Union  are leading us to … Continue reading

Deficit limit is a Constitutional Coup d’etat – Portuguese Communists on EU summit

Pedro Guerreiro, member of the Central Committee of the Portuguese Communist Party on the conclusions of the EU summit of 8 December  The European Council have confirmed the essential purpose of the process of capitalist integration of the European Union:  the imposition of an agenda based on the exploitation and impoverishment of workers, of more … Continue reading

An anti-democratic step toward the abyss – Italy’s communists react to EU summit

On the EU summit of 8 December Paolo Ferrero, leader, Communist Refoundation party, Italy: The European summit concluded with the complete victory of Chancellor Merkel: a genuine Monetary Coup d’Etat and a new European order in which Berlin reigns supreme. The model to which Merkel aspires is evidently the mad restrictive policies that Chancellor Bruning … Continue reading

United Left protests over bankers’ takeover of Spanish constitution

United Left today boycotted the traditional anniversary celebrations of Spain’s move to democracy in 1978 in protest at a “broken constitutional consensus”. The communist-led party, whose deputies were absent from parliament when the 33rd anniversary was marked earlier on Tuesday, points the finger at the Socialists and Popular Party who paused election campaigning over the … Continue reading

On anti-communism in eastern Europe – Party of the European Left responds

In Romania, an organisation cannot call itself “communist”, as it would be considered as a “threat for national security More

“Civil obedience” campaign launched by Italian anti-privatisation protesters

Twenty seven million Italians said No to the sell off the country’s water in a nationwide referendum this summer. But five months after this overwhelming popular rejection of privatisation, it is as if it never happened. The referendum revoked the law that requires an increasing share of local public services be handed over to the … Continue reading

European Left statement: Peoples of Europe Unite!

Peoples of European Unite! The Eurozone and the EU are today facing the most critical situation since their foundation. And that is because it is not only the existence of the Eurozone which is being put under severe question but also the very institutional structure of the EU. The process of European unification is being … Continue reading

Financial authoritarianism under “national salvation” disguise: European Left

“The rapid developments in Greece and Italy are -above all- dramatically confirming one thing: neoliberalism is incompatible with democracy. The bipartisan preachers of ultra-austerity and social destruction are terrified of being exposed to popular verdict. That’s why they refuse to go to extra-ordinary elections, first in Greece and now in Italy and, instead, invent the … Continue reading

Italian Communists: decision not to hold elections is a gift to xenophobic Northern League

Today the Italian Senate approved an swinging austerity and privatisation package that will pave the way for a “technical” government headed by Mario Monti –  a former EU Commissioner who is very close to the global elite of bankers and chief executives of the largest corporations. The government is to replacement Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition with … Continue reading

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