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Unravelling the spin: a guide to corporate rights in the EU-US trade deal

This week saw the start of the first round of negotiations for a far-reaching transatlantic trade deal. In the face of growing opposition to plans for expanded corporate powers in the proposed pact, the European Commission is trying to dispel concerns with propaganda. See through the rosy PR with Corporate Europe Observatory’s guide to investor-state … Continue reading

The political battle for full employment

By Juan Torres Lopez 70 years ago a very important Polish economist, Michal Kalecki, published an article (Political aspects of full employment) that I think has a great relevance today, particularly this May Day. Kalecki started out by recognizing that when he wrote that a substantial majority of economists believed that, even in a capitalist … Continue reading

Poverty scares us, but inequality outrages us

By Edmundo Fayanas Escuer Spanish Caritas has just published a new report (FOESSA) with data for 2012. The outlook is bleak and should mark a turning point for us all to do something to end this social disaster caused by these neoliberal policies imposed by the European Union and which here in Spain are executed … Continue reading

The Euro is a dead man walking

Italians have decided – the Euro is now a zombie. It’s time to Exit, from the left says economist Emiliano Brancaccio ‘Signor Euro repeatedly risked a heart attack. Dr. Draghi then decided to put him in an induced coma. With respect to the cure, though, he hesitated. At regular intervals, a Hamlet-like dilemma presented itself: … Continue reading

New network of economists launches European rescue plan

A new European Progressive Economists Network has launched a radical plan to rescue the Continent from austerity and the terror of finance with a democratic and green model of development that brings the banks under social control and promotes public services. The network includes Belgium’s Econosphères, Spain’s Econonuestra, France’s Economistes Atterrés and Italy’s Sbilanciamoci! and … Continue reading

Budget treaty an ‘offensive’ by ‘neo-liberals’ & EU grab for power, French economists warn

A collective of economists have weighed in against the EU Fiscal Compact Treaty, or golden budget rule, which French Socialist President Francois Hollande is laying before parliament next month in order to translate into the country’s laws. The collective ‘Economistes Atterrés’ warns that the the Treaty represents a twin ‘offensive’ by ‘neo-liberals’ against Keynesian economic … Continue reading

Four fairer ways for Portugal to close budget gap

The Portuguese government has caused outrage by proposals to raid the incomes of workers through a massive hike in social security contributions. This was massively unfair given the heavy burden already placed in a string of previous austerity budgets on middle and low incomes in the country and especially because it came as social security … Continue reading

Four Myths about the Euro

The debate on Europe’s Single Currency is based around a number of myths. Here’s four of them busted   The euro was supposed to be a catalyst for growth, principally on the basis of the theory that by abolishing national currencies there would be lower transaction costs across this vast market. But that’s not happened, … Continue reading

Rajoy is leading us to collective suicide

By Manuel Lago Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s economic policies are leading us to collective suicide. They are reducing living standards and working conditions of the 99% while also failing miserably in their formal objective of stabilizing the economy. There are many reasons behind this serious error and among them is one of diagnosis. Rajoy maintains … Continue reading

Another Road for Europe – An Appeal

Europe is in crisis because it has been hijacked by neoliberalism and finance. In the last twenty years – with a persistent democratic deficit – the meaning of the European Union has increasingly been reduced to a narrow view of the single market and the single currency, leading to liberalisations and speculative bubbles, loss of … Continue reading

Lessons for Europe from China

To get out of its economic crisis Europe needs to learn from China. By John Ross. Socialist Economic Bulletin

Mr Monti, here’s what waste to cut

An alternative budget for Italy The initiative by Mario Monti’s government to ask citizens to suggest cuts has produced predictable results. The capitalist-owned mass media has been banging on about the ‘cost of politics’ for months and hey presto the vast majority of proposals posted on the dedicated government website from ordinary Italians have been … Continue reading

Economists dismiss claims Melenchon’s radical programme is ‘unrealistic’

Thirty five French economists have signed a joint statement backing Jean Luc Melenchon’s programme. In the statement, the economists from Bordeaux IV University, People’s University of Caen, Lille-I,-Paris XIII, Paris I, Toulouse Toulouse I and II, Paris School of Economics and IEP Paris among other universities, dismiss claims by rivals and large sections of the media that the programme … Continue reading

Capital grabs more wealth than labour in Spain for first time

Capitalists now have for the first time a larger share of the nation’s wealth than workers in Spain, new figures show. ‎More

The banks, credit and the way out of the crisis

FROM THE RADICAL PRESS – LIBERAZIONE (ITALY) Nicola Melloni Last Wednesday, faced with the threat of a recession that is already a reality in Italy and that, thanks to the fiscal pact demanded by Germany, risks bringing the whole of Europe down, the European Central Bank intervened with an injection of liquidity in the markets … Continue reading

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