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Melenchon: the essential dynamics of the Left comes from the breakthrough of the Left Front

Jean Luc Melenchon dissects the Presidential election result and finds that it is the Left Front that is driving the Left forward If one totals all the votes of the Right, the fact is they are down. In 2007, the votes for Le Pen and ]far right] Megret-Nihous added to those of Sarkozy and Bayrou, … Continue reading

Who voted for Le Pen? Who voted for Melenchon?

IN THE PRESS / RUE89 Eric Dupin Beyond the overall balance in favour of the left, the first round of the presidential election will remain marked by two surges with implications for the future: the influence of the National Front and unique installation the Left Front in the political landscape. A geographical and sociological analysis … Continue reading

Vote for Socialist Hollande to beat Sarkozy, say Communists

Pierre Laurant, General Secretary, French Communist Party (PCF) commenting last night on initial results of France’s Presidential election We call for the broadest and strongest rally possible among the people of the left to beat Nicolas Sarkozy, by voting for the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande. For all women and men who love our country, who for … Continue reading

Mélenchon may have disappointed, but he boosted overall French radical left vote in Presidential election

Jean Luc Mélenchon of the Left Front (Front de Gauche) achieved a result on Sunday’s Presidential elections that beat the overall radical left performance in 2007. Despite support that fell short of some polls, Mélenchon should at least be satisfied that with 3.98 million votes (11.11 %), he got over five times more than the … Continue reading

We must now return Sarkozy and Front National to the dustbin of history

We must now return Sarkozy and Front National to the dustbin of history say France’s Young Communists, commenting on the first round Presidential election results. Read

We hold the keys to the future – Mélenchon on first round Presidential election results

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Presidential Candidate, Left Front, Sunday, April 22, Place Stalingrad …The initial results allow us to draw some lessons The first lesson is that our people seem determined to turn the page of the ‘Sarkozy years’ The total vote of the Right is lower than 2007. But the far right is at a high … Continue reading

Round One French Presidential Election Results

Final figures Francois Hollande (Socialists)  28.63% Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) 27.18% Marine Le Pen  (Front National) 17.9% Jean Luc Melenchon (Left Front – Front de Gauche)  11.11% Francois Bayrou (centre right) 9.13% Eva Joly (Greens – EELV) 2.31% Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la Republique*) 1.79% Philippe Poutou (New Anti Capitalist Party – NPA) 1.8% Nathalie Arthaud (Workers Struggle … Continue reading

Greek Communists promise radical action on unemployment as they present lists for May 6 elections

The Greek Communists (KKE) would introduce ‘radical measures for the protection of the unemployed’ and ‘mass hiring’ in social services, public works, health and education if they won power on May 6 parliamentary polls. They would move towards the ‘complete abolition of unemployment’ through ‘the socialization of the monopolies, nationwide planning with workers’ control, exit … Continue reading

France has awoken, declares Melenchon ahead of Sunday’s Presidential vote

Radical left Jean Luc Melenchon called on tens of thousands assembled in Paris Thursday night to vote for the Left Front in Sunday’s Presidential elections to ‘chase’ Nicolas Sarkozy from power and help put an end to the ‘Merkozy axis in the heart of Austerity Europe’. Melenchon, at 13-15% in the polls, said voting for … Continue reading

Left Front’s Mélenchon on his campaign to put People First

There is nothing more anti-capitalist than putting the ‘People First’, says Jean-Luc Mélenchon in a recent interview with l’Humanité More 

Andalusia election signals reverse for Rajoy as radical left gets boost

Socialists say voters have given the Government ‘the bill’ for austerity programme They presumed victory in Sunday’s elections but in the end  the Popular Party that swept to national power in November failed to win enough votes to govern in Spain’s largest and most populous region. An outright win in Andalucia could have strengthened prime … Continue reading

Italian Communists: decision not to hold elections is a gift to xenophobic Northern League

Today the Italian Senate approved an swinging austerity and privatisation package that will pave the way for a “technical” government headed by Mario Monti –  a former EU Commissioner who is very close to the global elite of bankers and chief executives of the largest corporations. The government is to replacement Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition with … Continue reading

Italy’s radical left: No fudge, elections now!

Oliviero Diliberto, national secretary, Party of Italian Communists (Pdci), 8/9.11.2011 “Democracy requires elections. “The financial speculators are instead punting for a government that serves them, that is, an ‘instutional and technical government’. “They want to cut us down like Greece. And naturally they have among industrialists, friends and allies in Italy. Instead of telling us … Continue reading

Spanish occupy movement faces electoral test

by Tom Gill Spain gave the world the ‘indignados’, the movement of ‘indignant ones’ that become a global phenomena October 15 when millions from dozens of countries took to the streets. Yet less than a month from general elections in the home of this momentous street rebellion, it is as if nothing ever happened. On … Continue reading

Spain’s 15-M movement alive and kicking

By Tom Gill Tomorrow Spain’s parliament will hold its traditional ‘state of the nation’ debate. But this year the monopoly of elected politicians over discussing the big questions facing the country has been broken. For less than a mile away from the Cortes, an alternative ‘state of the nation’ debate will be held by ordinary … Continue reading

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