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On President Hollande’s New Year bomb

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / HUMANITE  By Patrick Apel -Muller François Hollande’s New Year message  did not mark a political turning point, which came just a few months after his election, but it expressed his right turn without any attempt at camoflauge. Priority is to be given to the demands of big business, austerity for … Continue reading

Germany: Why Left numerical majority isn’t a political majority – Die Linke’s Wagenknecht in interview

IN THE RADICAL PRESS/ IL MANIFESTO Il Manifesto newspaper interviews Sahra Wagenknecht, deputy leader of Die Linke, on why Merkel did so well in the elections, the failure of the SPD and the prospects of unity on the Left. For Sahra Wagenknecht, deputy leader of Die Linke (‘The Left’), there is no doubt: the weakness … Continue reading

Decision time for Italian voters

Italians are voting again after 14 months under “technocrat” Mario Monti. The outcome of the election in terms of delivering a stable government is uncertain. Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left Democrats have been leading in the polls, but billionaire media magnate Silvio Berlusconi’s right-wing alliance is expected to put in a strong showing as is newcomer … Continue reading

Italy: And now for something completely different

A coalition of communists, greens and radical magistrates have combined to propose a Civil Revolution to the Italian people in parliamentary elections on Feb 24-25. Here’s the manifesto

Europe storm heading Hollande’s way

How French Socialist President Hollande is wading into choppy waters over Europe. Left Foot Forward 

10,000 march against Rome water privatisation

‘Rome is not for sale,’ declared the slogan that protestors paraded in a march Saturday against the privatisation of the Italian capital’s water company. The right wing administration of mayor Gianni Alemanno plans to sell a 21% of the current 51% majority stake held by the public authorities in ACEA, the local water company, with … Continue reading

The public spending that Monti left untouched

Italy spends about Euros 23 billion annually on the military, making it among the top ten worldwide in terms of defence expenditure per GDP. But in the packet of swinging spending cuts pushed through by the Government of Mario Monti last month that budget was left untouched. The country’s imperialist adventures such as the Nato … Continue reading

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