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German elections: Interview with Die Linke

IN THE RADICAL PRESS / HUMANITE Interview by l’Humanite newspaper with Wolfgang Gehrcke outgoing Die Linke (Left Party) MP in the Bundestag and spokesman for the party’s parliamentary group on international matters. One day before the vote on 22 September,  opinion polls showed the party obtaining 8.5% of the vote. A climate of social dissatisfaction … Continue reading

Die Linke’s Congress of Fire

IN THE RADICAL PRESS  / IL MANIFESTO Choosing a new leadership, internal clashes, Lafontaine imposes his own man, Bernd Riexinger, who will flank 34-year old Katja Kipping from the East. Gysi: ‘If we hate each other so much, better to split.’ It was a high tension and passionate Congress for Die Linke, which yesterday had … Continue reading

Die Linke asks awkward questions over EU permanent austerity pact

Radical opposition Left Party warns EU Fiscal Pact may breach German Constitution More in Der Spiegel

Germany: The oldest profession is still going strong

How the German Left Party is a victim of continual snooping. Morning Star. More

Workers should resist a new European Treaty say French, German radical left

Common Declaration of Jean-Luc Mélenchon – candidat of France’s Left Front (Front de Gauche) for the French Presidential Election 2012 – and Oskar Lafontaine – founding member of Germany’s Left Party (Die Linke) and former German MP, Chancellor in Strasbourg (14.12.2011). Address to European Workers The current leaders of the European Union  are leading us to … Continue reading

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