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Why Greeks are right to protest Sunday opening

Today Greece is seeing further nationwide protests by shop employees and campaigners against Sunday shop opening imposed by the Government under the terms of the Troika’s hated memorandum of understanding. The idea is that it will boost competitiveness and spur consumer spending in the recession-hit economy. But according to the latest statistics of the National Confederation of … Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher: the architect of Europe’s crisis

Thatcher introduced to Europe the economic and political model that is now destroying it. Here’s some dedications from critics (from the European mainland) of the late British prime minister, who has received such lavish, and unwarranted praise, in recent days.  French Communist Party: For some she put an end to the “monopoly” of the unions, she … Continue reading

Forget taxis, there’s more menacing monopolies to tackle Mr Monti

It is being cast as the mother of all political battles:  against the taxi drivers, chemists, notaries, shopkeepers and bakers and their restrictive practices and cosy ‘exclusive’ arrangements, against workers pampered by ‘over protective’ employment laws, and against local public service ‘monopolies’. The aim, Italians are told, is to free up market forces, boost efficiency and … Continue reading

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