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Portuguese workers strike against ‘social terrorism’

Workers turned out en masse Thursday for the second 24-hour general strike in recent months, called by the General Confederation of the Portuguese Workers (CGTP) against ‘social terrorism’. Ordinary Portuguese protested against the government’s economically suicidal austerity measures imposed by the ‘troika’ of the European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). … Continue reading

EU wants to ‘impose more unemployment and deeper recession’ on Spain say unions

Crisis leads to poverty: EU-imposed austerity policies have sent Spain and the whole region into recession, say unions The EU is ‘stubbornly’ continuing  ‘evidently failed policies’ that are ‘causing devastating effects on employment and on the level of poverty and social cohesion in Spain as well as many other countries in the EU.’ This was … Continue reading

Why Italian pensioners didn’t have to pay the price

The unions questioned and challenged it time and again. Others who actually looked at the figures couldn’t under why. But the European Central Bank and the vast majority of Italy’s politicians were in agreement that a further ‘reform’ of the Italian pension system was absolutely indispensable. And so it was in December that the government pushed … Continue reading

Belgium: Expanding precariat drives up poverty rates

15% of Belgians live under the poverty line with the expansion of precarious forms of employment a key factor, the first nationwide annual study of the issue shows. Children and elderly (65+) are the most badly affected, with poverty rates of 18.5% and 19.4% respectively The poverty line is set at Euros 973 a month … Continue reading

On Sarkozy and France in 2011 – and what must be done in 2012

FROM THE RADICAL PRESS – HUMANITE (FRANCE ) 2011 was supposed to be “useful to the French” Nicolas Sarkozy assured us on TV some 12 months ago. France was to “reconnect with employment”. Which, since the 2007 Presidential election, has been on a downward curve, punctuated by “social plans” (mass redundancies) and relocations of [French] … Continue reading

Italy: home evictions on the increase

AUSTERITY ITALY More and more Italians are losing their homes, with evictions reaching almost 30,000 in 2010, up from just over 21,614 in 2000. in total 260,000 were forced out of their homes over the 10 year period, according to Mario Marazziti of the Comunita’ di Sant’Egidio, a charity.

Portugal’s precariat revealed in new data

PORTUGAL- Most young people under 25 earn less than €500, new figures show. More than half of Portuguese young people under 25 earn less than €500 a month, as do a quarter of those between 25 and 34 years old, mainly because of unstable jobs and poor qualifications, CGTP trade union said According to the … Continue reading

Pampered? Italian pensioners are going hungry

“Generous” is a standard description in media reports of the Italian pension system. Yet, on the eve of new cuts to pensions announced by the Government of Mario Monti, a million elderly eat little or badly for economic reasons, according to new research. These over 65s lack 400 calories daily on average, especially proteins deriving … Continue reading

Unions mobilise as France’s jobless top 2.8 million

France’s largest trade union central has called a national demonstration on Saturday to protest against the lengthening jobless queues and in-work poverty amid an escalating national economic and social crisis. The call, part of a step up in action by the country’s unions, came as figures today showed the number of people actively seeking work … Continue reading

Italy’s 8 million strong precariat

New research has uncovered massive hidden unemployment in Italy and a new army of precarious workers that has ballooned since the onset of the economic crisis. Official figures show unemployment at around 8%, or just over 2 million. But new research by the CGIL trade union confederation puts it at 13% or 3.5 million. The … Continue reading

Italy’s troubles are far from over

Armageddon averted. A lifeline in the sea of speculation. Greece and hence Italy saved for another day. The days leading up to Thursday’s summit of European leaders were dramatic. None more so than for Italy, which, with the second largest public debt after Greece, had suddenly been projected into the centre of the European sovereign … Continue reading

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