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The overwhelming success of austericide

Vincente Clavero The austerity Taliban will be satisfied by the announcement by the IMF that, despite the policies advocated by them, the debt crisis in Spain may now extend for no less than ten years. According to the latest report of the Fund, presented this week by its chief economist, the Frenchman Olivier Blanchard, there’s … Continue reading

Artur Mas’ Hollow Homage to Catalonia

September 11 has great symbolic meaning across the globe since the tragic events of 2001 in the USA. In Barcelona and in others towns and cities across the rich north east of Spain, the date has another significance: the 1714 fall of the  besieged regional capital during the War of the Spanish Succession. It is … Continue reading

Spaniards give thumbs down to Rajoy’s first year in power

Seven out of ten Spaniards have given the thumbs down to Mariano Rajoy’s stewardship of the country a year after he was swept to power. The CIS poll for El Mundo newspaper showed the prime minister’s rating is now even worse than his socialist predecessor Jose Luis Zapatero at his lowest point last autumn. Unpopular … Continue reading

Spain’s Socialists must turn left to save democracy

By Antonio Mora Plaza In her initial comments after the collapse of the Socialist vote in the Galician and Basque regional elections on October 21, party spokesperson Elena Valencia talked of a ‘negative election cycle’ caused by the crisis and – I guess this is something – the [austerity] measures taken in May 2010 taken … Continue reading

Spain: a long, hot summer – and an even hotter autumn

As the financial crisis accelerates in Spain, resistance to austerity is growing Spain is living through the sharpest period of unrest in a generation. Mass protest is now a daily fact of life. Millions having filled the streets and plazas. Job centres and mines have been occupied, and roads blocked. Thousands have marched on the … Continue reading

Rajoy’s new austerity drive pours ‘gasoline onto the streets’

Right-wing prime minister Mariano Rajoy has unveiled the biggest attack on Spain’s welfare state in history in a move described by radical opposition MPs pouring  ‘gasoline onto the streets’. The measures include a swathe of new taxes and spending cuts designed to reduce the budget deficit by 65 billion euros by 2014 in line with … Continue reading

German banks will profit from the Spanish ‘rescue’

By Vincente Navarro* One of the causes of the current crisis in Spain is the bursting of the housing bubble. The marriage of financial capital (banks, savings banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions) and  real estate created this bubble. In the last ten years more houses were built in our country than the whole … Continue reading

‘Lying’ Rajoy must explain why Spaniards ‘paying ransom’ of bank bail out, say radical left.

United Left has called on Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy to ‘stop lying’ and demanded an explanation as to why the citizens are to ‘pay the ransom for a giant property scam’. The party’s federal coordinator Cayo Lara stated Sunday that the Spanish people would end up paying a debt that ‘wasn’t theirs’ and be … Continue reading

Spanish bankers bailed out again

Rajoy’s strategy on the banks: privatise the gains, socialise the losses Six months ago Mariano Rajoy pledged not to give ‘a single euro of public money’ to the banks. Last week, this promise went the same way as his pledges on not raising tax: in the shredder. Spain’s right wing prime minister has unveiled yet … Continue reading

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