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Italy’s splintered radicals unite to fight for labour rights

Ever since the dissolution some two decades ago of the Italian Communist Party, once western Europe’s largest, Italy’s radical left has been splintered and weak. Today you have two communist parties (Communist Refoundation and the Party of Italian Communists) a green-radical left party (Left Ecology Freedom party, headed by the Governor of Puglia, Nichi Vendola) and … Continue reading

Is it arrivederci for Silvio?

By Tom Gill Is the game really up for Silvio Berlusconi? Italian MPs will decide tomorrow. A confidence vote is due in the Italian parliament, following a humiliating and wholly unexpected defeat on Tuesday on an essentially technical vote. Significantly Guilio Tremonti, Berlusconi’s Finance minister, and Umberto Bossi, the leader of junior coalition partner, the … Continue reading

Italy’s migrant workers stand up for their rights

Last weekend one hundred and fifty tomato pickers in the southern Italian region of Puglia walked off the job.   The workers, African immigrants, had been labouring for 10 hours a day in back breaking conditions for a mere 20 euros (17 pounds) a day. They were getting paid 3.5 euros a “cassatone”, a 100 kg … Continue reading

Italians say No! to Privatisation

By Tom Gill Water privatisation has been imposed on people across the globe, from Armenia to the UK. It has been hugely unpopular but people have rarely been asked whether they want their water – a common good for all – to be used to profit a few. Italian citizens have had just such an … Continue reading

The Italian left is being remade

by Tom Gill   There has been a festive mood in the air in Italy after voters delivered a real beating to premier Silvio Berlusconi in the second-round local elections. Tens of thousands filled Milan’s cathedral square sporting orange T-shirts and balloons to celebrate the victory of the left-wing lawyer Guiliano Pisapia as their new … Continue reading

Italians fire warning shot

By Tom Gill Thursday 19 May 2011 Italy’s premier Silvio Berlusconi called them a national referendum on his rule. If that’s the case, the local elections held in towns and cities across the country on May 15 and 16 were a massive No vote. The prime minister’s People of Liberty party and his main coalition … Continue reading

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