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Anti-austerity policies win in France and Greece, says European Left

Gabi Zimmer, president of the GUE/NGL Group on the elections in France and Greece: “The results of the votes in France and Greece are a victory for the Left in Europe. We welcome the election of Francois Hollande as president of France and the huge success of the Greek left” “The brutal austerity policies of … Continue reading

Financial markets running riot & billion-dollar rescue plunged Europe into a debt crisis, Mr Draghi

Not breaking but…ECB chief’s vision of Europe amounts to strategic negligence, says European Left Read the statement

We must now return Sarkozy and Front National to the dustbin of history

We must now return Sarkozy and Front National to the dustbin of history say France’s Young Communists, commenting on the first round Presidential election results. Read

We hold the keys to the future – Mélenchon on first round Presidential election results

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Presidential Candidate, Left Front, Sunday, April 22, Place Stalingrad …The initial results allow us to draw some lessons The first lesson is that our people seem determined to turn the page of the ‘Sarkozy years’ The total vote of the Right is lower than 2007. But the far right is at a high … Continue reading

Portugal: Left Bloc on Socialist Party and the EU Fiscal Compact law

The Socialist Party (PS) asks the Social Democrats (PSD) and (Democratic and Social Centre (CDS) to pretend that tomorrow there will be an addendum that everyone knows that will never exist, in exchange for the certainty of a treaty today that everyone knows is harmful. The PS wants to save face, not to protect jobs. [Former … Continue reading

Valencia’s Student Spring

How students are playing a key role in the new wave of protests in Spain By Acontracorrent, a student organisation from the Valencia region. Saturday 25 February ended with a massive rally of historic proportions in the city of Valencia; a cycle of protests and social responses in recent weeks to a policy of cuts … Continue reading

Communists on France losing its AAA & Sarkozy’s ‘demolition’ job

France’s credit downgrade is timely, coming just five days before the anti-social summit [tripartite government, employer union meeting where Sarkozy expected to propose new attacks on workers’ rights] The loss of the AAA rating by Standard & Poor’s will be used by Nicolas Sarkozy to justify the accelerated adoption of the golden (balanced budget) rule … Continue reading

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