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Why Has Berlusconi Bounced Back?

Five reasons why the billionaire media magnate is back in the running for national elections in Italy later this month. Read the article in Counterpunch

Does Renault have to cut 7,500 French jobs?

French car maker Renault is making its workforce pay for the extreme austerity policies of the French and other EU governments and its multi-billion-euro largesse to shareholders. It aims to cut 7,500 jobs – or 14% of the payroll – in France by 2016, citing falling demand, caused by spending cuts hitting purchasing power across … Continue reading

Austerity swells Spain’s precariat by two million

Spain’s precariat has swollen to more than 20.6 million – or  43.74% of the population, thanks to rising unemployment, wage and welfare cuts, according to the tax officials’ union. Since 2007, austerity and neo-liberal reforms have meant two million more Spaniards live in households with incomes of less than 12,000 euros a year, finds a … Continue reading

Why the Eurostrike?

By Vincent Navarro The ruling Conservative and liberal parties, both in Spain and in most European Union countries, including the Eurozone, are implementing policies that result in: 1) labour reforms that reduce wages and increase unemployment, 2) the shrinking of the labour force, 3) reduction of social protection, 4) social spending cuts, 5) the privatization of … Continue reading

Hollande ‘guts’ 75% wealth tax?

France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande’s key ‘soak the rich’ 75% tax pledge has been drastically watered down, according to Le Figaro which doesn’t reveal its source. The tax as originally proposed won’t apply to rich couples. And it will only apply to income, not property or financial assets. A single person will be taxed if … Continue reading

Italy is not broke, the country has loads of money

New figures from the Bank of Italy put paid to all the nonsense that Italy is broke. They show that Euros 9.5 trillion is tied up in household wealth. That’s a vast resource that if tapped would solve the country’s public finances overnight and provide plenty of resources for growth, jobs and high quality public … Continue reading

Austerity Italy: Monti worse than Berlusconi say communists

“Monti’s polices will bring Italy to default. This budget is worse that one that Berlusconi would have presented,” said Paolo Ferrero, leader of Communist Refoundation at the conclusion of the party’s congress in Naples yesterday. The budget package presented by Italy’s pm Mario Monti is a “hammer blow” for Italians, it is “recessive and doesn’t … Continue reading

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